Pinnacle Sports partner with NEO Bubble Soccer to offer "OPEN BUBBLE NIGHTS" and birthday parties and private events. See the video below of what fun and excitement you can expect when attending one of the bubble soccer events.

You don't need any soccer experience to have a great time in the bubbles. In fact, most of the fun is just bashing and bumping into your friends and other and rolling around in your bubble.

Bubble soccer is suitable for most ages 5 and up. Body size has more to do with suitability however there are several sizes of bubbles so most kids and adults can enjoy their time in the bubbles.

Our events are usually 1-2 hours long but given the natur of the game and the fact that the bubbles have a bit of weight to them it is difficult to stay in the bubbles for longer than 15 minutes at a time. Most of our events will see participants rotated in and out of the bubbles.


What is "Open Bubble Soccer"?
Our Open Bubble Soccer nights are open to individuals and groups to attend. No pre-booking or registering is needed as you can pay at the door when you arrive. These events are open to all ages from 5 and up. At these events participants will play a varied of fun packed games in the bubbles including soccer, sumo wrestling, races and more.

The amount of time each participant spends in the bubbles will depend on the number of people at the event. Participants will be rotated in and out of the bubbles so that everyone gets a fair amount of time in the bubbles. It is also relatively strenuous activity with all the running, crashing, smashing and rolling. Trust us, you will need a break every now and then but you'll be even more excited to jump back in!

Spectating is free but you can always get involved with the action.


We are excited to announce the following Open Bubble Soccer Nights to see out 2017

Friday October 13th - 7-9pm

Friday October 20th - 7-9pm

Friday October 27th - 7-9pm

Friday November 3rd - 7-9pm

Friday November 10th - 7-9pm

Friday November 17th - 7-9pm

Friday December 1st - 7-9pm

Friday December 8th - 7-9pm

Friday December 15th - 7-9pm

$12 per participant
5 for $50
10 for $80

No need to pre-purchase tickets as you can pay at the door.

Interested in have a Bubble Soccer Party or Event?

Bubble soccer makes for a memorable experience even more so at a private party or event. Book a bubble soccer birthday party, team building party or end of session celebration with us.

We have a set package for Bubble Soccer Birthday Parties and can tailor to your needs for any other type of event such as a corporate event or team building exercize.

If you are interested in holding a bubble soccer birthday party or private event please see our parties webpage

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