Pinnacle Sports is a sports training facility that features youth programs in soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball and lacrosse. As an added value our partners offer Strength and Conditioning through Pinnacle Performance, The Edge, Martial Arts, Jump Roping, AAU Basketball, JO Volleyball. With over 10 years of industry knowledge with the very best coaches to create an atmosphere that will push and challenge your young athletes to become better at their individual sports through a team environment. Our character development program will positively influence your son or daughter to become better children, siblings, athletes, students and responsible members of society as adults.

Our classes and programs are delivered in the form of session. We currently have the following sessions throughtout the year:

Winter 2 Session - early January to mid February
Winter 3/Spring Training Session - mid February to early April
Spring Session - early April to Late May
Summer Sessions - early June to early September
Fall Session - early September to late October
Winter 1 Session - early November to mid December

To view our current training programs and class click on your desired sport below

  • Heartbeats
  • Cleveland Internationals
  • Cleveland Basketball School
  • American Camp Association
  • Silver Sneakers
  • WCTA
  • i9 Sports
  • Us Indoor Association
  • Wadsworth Fencing Club
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