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Edge Sports Perfromance Academy is a fitness and sports performance training program right here in Twinsburg, Ohio. This program is lead by our Head Strength and Condition/Performance Coach Brian White, CSCS and has been developed from years of experience and education to suit the performance needs of athetes of all ages.  There are two sides to the Pinnacle Performance program.  There are the youth fitness and sports performance program and the adult fitness program. 

Program Listings:

FOUNDATION PROGRAM (12 years and above)                 SCHEDULED WITH BRIAN WHITE

This is our flagship program for all of our athletes. It is a comprehensive approach that assesses and addresses each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Every athlete MUST complete this program before enrolling in our Elite Development program or any others. Over the duration of this program, the individual will be thoroughly assessed and given an individualized routine that will be built upon. The assessment period will dictate exact details of the exercise prescription, but general areas addressed include: STRENGTH/POWER, SPEED, AGILITY & QUICKNESS, MOBILITY/FLEXIBILITY, PLYOMETRICS, AND INJURY PREVENTION. See our Performance Program Breakdown for specific details. Questioning resistance training for your young athlete? See The American Academy of Pediatrics’ article “Strength Training by Children and Adolescents”.


Upon completion of our Foundation Program, the athlete will be prepared to advance to this next level of training. Here, we progress the athlete to more advanced exercises and techniques as well as increasing certain exercises’ speed. Our ultimate goal is get the athlete to as close to their genetic potential as is possible in regards to sports performance training, so when they are playing their sport, they will stand out against the competition. Should they be fortunate enough to play at the collegiate level, we will prepare them to go into their Freshman year more physically and mentally prepared than their incoming peers.

Jr. EDGE PROGRAM (8-11 years old)                                                 M,W,TH 5-6 P.M.

This program is set up to take an athlete, at any level of experience, and develop them in a way that sports participation alone can not. The basis of each session is Exploratory Movements in a FUN environment. We introduce these young athletes to a variety of exercises and sports that challenge their   bodies to become more efficient, as well as stronger, better balanced, more mobile/flexible, quicker and faster. See our Performance Program Breakdown for specific details.


H.S.: M,W,TH 4-5 P.M.            M.S.: M,W,TH 4-5 P.M.

Upon completion of our Foundation Program, athletes are ready to enroll in this monthly program. Here we build upon the basics that were coached     during those sessions and the athlete is appropriately developed to perform those movements effortlessly at competition/game speed. While this is a group class, each athlete is individually coached based upon their unique needs; there is no “cookie cutter” approach. In addition to sport specific    movements, we coach the following: SPRINTING MECHANICS/”40-YARD-DASH”, DECELERATION, PLANTING/CUTTING, ACCELERATION, AND VARIOUS AGILITY DRILLS & COMBINE/TRYOUT TYPE DRILLS FOR ALL SPORTS.

ADULT BOOTCAMP (18 years and above)                                             Tues & Thurs 9 am - 10 am

If you love group cross training at any level of fitness, than you will want to join, Brian and his team for BOOTCAMP. In our high intensity group fitness training, you will get a total body workout in team and individual exercises. This is a fun and friendly environment where participants get strong and fit in community. 

Program Pricing:

Foundation Program

The Edge Sport Performance Program (12 years old and above)

Varsity Package: 20 Sessions—$529

JV Package: 14 Sessions—$399

Single Session—$35

Elite Development Program

1 Month**: Unlimited Movement and strength—$150

3 Months**: Unlimited Movement and strength—$140/month

6 Months**: Unlimited Movement and strength—$130/month

12 Months**: Unlimited Movement and strength—$95/month

In-Season Program**: 4 Movement sessions, 1 per week for one month with unlimited Strength sessions— $105/month

Jr. Edge (ages 8-11)

1-3 sessions/week—$79/month

Additional Programs

High School or Middle School Speed & Agility**: 1-3 Sessions per week—$119/month

Adult Bootcamp**: $10/session

Strength Training**: 2-4 Sessions per week—$49/month

Re-evaluation** (6 week minimum between evaluations): $35

1-on-1 or Small Group Training: Contact Brian White 330-414-5449

(**A Performance package must have been completed prior to signing up for these programs)


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  • Ignite Volleyball
  • C4L1
  • Cleveland Basketball School
  • American Camp Association
  • Silver Sneakers
  • US Indoor Sports Association
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