Frequently Asked Questions

Q?What can I do at Pinnacle?

Pinnacle offers classes, leagues, clinics, camps and training for youth and adult in various sports.  Check out our sports home pages for more details.  We also offer birthday parties, field rentals, meeting space and outings for your organization, business or family.

Q?How do I register/Sign-up for programs?

There are a number of ways to register. You can call us on 330-239-0616 and we can register you over the phone.  Or, you can register online through your Dash Account. Or stop by the front desk. If you pick up a flyer you can mail in the completed registration form.

Q?What is Dash Online? Do I pay extra for it? What benefits does it have?

DASH is our company’s operating system which allows you access to information online.  This FREE service is available for all customers and allows you to view class, game, and field schedules online, you can register and pay for classes online and will e-mail you class, game and rental reminders on a weekly basis.  This is great for instant access to the information and even better for those of you who have multiple children in multiple classes here at Pinnacle.

Q?What is the cost of renting fields, cages or rooms at Pinnacle?

Please call 330-239-0616 for pricing.  Or email at info@pinnaclesports.org

Q?If a class is for a certain age range, and my son/daughter is a little too young or a little too old, can they still participate in that class?

In our programming, we use age as a guideline to place participants in classes.  However, we use skill level to determine which class might be the most appropriate for their ability.  This is done through a conversation with the parent and the program director to place the child appropriately.  Once class has started, adjustments may be necessary for appropriate placement.

Q?Do you have to be a member at Pinnacle to participate?

You do not HAVE to be a member at Pinnacle to participate in leagues, classes and programs.  However, we do offer a membership program called our MVP Program.  To learn more about becoming an MVP click here

Q?Are there special discounts for having multiple siblings enrolled?

Discounts are ONLY for our MVP Members which include:  Siblings 10% off of the second + child.  Multiple classes in the same session (taken off lower fee) 10% off of the second + class.

Q?What hours is Pinnacle open?

Current hours are 9:00 am 9:00 pm Monday – Friday.  Weekend hours vary with the seasons.  Call 330-239-0616 for weekend hours.

Q?Does Pinnacle have a lost and found?

Yes.  The Lost and Found is located east side of the entrance of the main arena next to the glass doors in a large, white, wooden box.

Q?Do I have to stay at Pinnacle while my kids are playing?

You can chose either to stay and watch any activity your child may be participating or you may drop them off with the assurance that they will be supervised and safe. Pinnacle Sports will always have personnel at the front desk during program hours. Safety is paramount at Pinnacle Sports. We pride ourselves in knowing our participants and their families. Coaches and program personnel are hired knowing that each child that comes into the building will be treated with respect and dignity.

Q?Does Pinnacle have a place to buy food?

We have a complete, full-serve concession stand with pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, Slushies, and a wide assortment of beverages.  Look for healthier choices such as fruit and granola bars.

Q?Does Pinnacle Sports offer gymnastics?

No.  Our friends at Pinnacle Gymnastics are located just west of us on Rt. 18 at 900 Medina Rd.  Their phone number is 330-239-5010.

Q?If my son or daughter already plays with their community team, can they still participate in a Pinnacle program/class?

Absolutely, Pinnacle is open to all who wish to participate at any skill level.

Q?Can we just come in and use your facility?

No, Pinnacle has regularly scheduled classes, training and leagues along with rentals.  However, we do offer an Open Gyms and Open Houses.  Please call for a schedule.

Q?What is your payment policy for classes?

All program fees are due at the time of registration or must be paid within one week of the start of the event.  You may be in jeopardy of losing your spot in the event if payment is not received.  Spots will not be saved without payment.  All registrations received one week prior to an event must include full payment.  All late registrations after the start of an event require fees to be paid in full.

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