What is the Jr. Fit program? 

Welcome to the program that we offer for the youngest athletes served by Pinnacle Performance, Jr. Fit.  This is a general physical preparedness program.  From the outside looking in, each session will look different.  The feeling of randomness keeps the young athletes in this program interested and always guessing.  

What does a session with Jr. Fit look like?

Sessions in the Jr. Fit program utilize the following methods of training:

  • Mobility & Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Basic Strength Training (using body weight, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, etc.  all based on the ability of the individual)
  • Basic Conditioning Training (calisthenics and running)
  • Basic Speed Training (drills for speed and agility)
  • Games (these games involve reaction time and agility, but also keep it fun!)


What is expected from my child in this program?

All of the training in this program is appropriate for the individuals involved.  Coach Ryan runs a tight ship and expects his participants to have fun, get stronger and healthier, and be able to work together, be polite to one another, and to be respectful during sessions.  Each Jr. Fit participant is expected to be on their best behavior, to come in on time or early, and to have fun and want to get better with their health and fitness.


  • Heartbeats
  • Cleveland Internationals
  • Cleveland Basketball School
  • American Camp Association
  • Silver Sneakers
  • WCTA
  • i9 Sports
  • Us Indoor Association
  • Wadsworth Fencing Club
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