League Rules And Regulations


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  1. Only coaches and players are permitted on the field or in the cage area.
  2. For safety reasons please help keep ALL spectators outside of the fence.
  3. No food or drinks (except water) permitted on the turf field.
  4. No glass bottles or containers allowed on the turf field.
  5. No chewing gum, candy, sunflower seeds or nuts with shells permitted on the turf field. There will be no spitting of any material on the field.
  6. No use of any tobacco products permitted including chewing tobacco.
  7. No metal cleats permitted on turf field. Rubber or plastic cleats only. Make sure that all shoes (and all equipment) are CLEAN and free of mud and debris.
  8. Do not pick or pull grass fibers or infill material on the field.
  9. All teams MUST clean up after games. Trash receptacles are provided. Facility must be left free of trash litter, etc, at conclusion of each game.
  10. Persons are expected to use common sense, reasonable actions and be lawful in their activities even though there may not be a rule to address such circumstances as might unexpectedly occur. Players and leadership should always conduct themselves in a professional and positive sportsmanship like manner and use respectful field conduct at all events. Leadership is expected to model and teach such reasonable standards to their youthful players. The organization’s leadership is expected to be of sound character and to emphasis fair play at all events.
  11. Thank you for your cooperation and help in keeping Pinnacle Sports an elite facility. We hope you enjoy the league.

Pinnacle Sports Indoor Soccer Rules (all ages) Updated 11.1.16

Pinnacle Sports Outdoor Adult Soccer League Rules UPDATED 10.9.17

Soccer Game Cancellation Procedure

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