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Pinnacle Performance Fitness Programs!

Pinnacle Performance is a fitness and sports performance training program that is owned by Pinnacle Sports in Medina, Ohio.

This program is lead by Coach Ryan Hart, CSCS, USAW, MDS-I, and has been developed from years of experience and education.  There are two sides to the Pinnacle Performance program.  There are the youth fitness and sports performance program and the adult fitness program.  Follow the links below to learn more about Coach Ryan, the youth program, or the adult program.

The weight sled is a wonderful tool for developing leg and column (aka the core) strength, but also for really firing up the metabolism!

The 2015-2016 Mountain Bike Strong program athletes.

The Pinnacle Performance Logo

Jess (a soccer player) working on an exercise called a "Clean Pull" during her sports performance training with Pinnacle Performance.

The Highland High School Football team participating in some basic strength training exercises during their 2016 off-season speed training program provided by Pinnacle Performnace.

Tim working on training his "brakes" during a jump training and deceleration exercise.

The Turkish Get Up is a fantastic exercise for all ages to perform, so long as it is used properly.

During our adult fitness sessions, we use the right tools (including battle ropes) to deliver results!

Highland High School Girl's Soccer 2016 Summer Mini-Camp with Pinnacle Performance!



MEET THE STAFF (click on a name to view profile)

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
As Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of Pinnacle Performance, Ryan has devoted 8-years to instructing athletes and clients of all…
  • Heartbeats
  • Cleveland Internationals
  • Cleveland Basketball School
  • American Camp Association
  • Silver Sneakers
  • WCTA
  • i9 Sports
  • Us Indoor Association
  • Wadsworth Fencing Club
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