Pinnacle Sports is excited to announce the newest addition to our baseball program: THE PROBATTER PX2 SPORTS BASEBALL SIMULATOR!

This new and improved ProBatter PX2 Baseball Simulator pitching system is the most advanced and realistic training system for improving hitting skills available anywhere. ProBatter’s patented video simulation allows hitters to face a variety of different life-size pitchers on an 8’x10′ screen. Hitters can choose from nine different, fully programmable pitches: Fastball, Change-up, Curve, Screwball, Cutter, Split Fastball, Slider, Slurve and Sinker – in any variety of sequences that are programmed to consistently hit nine spots inside (or outside) the strike zone.There are nine different skill levels from 6-7 year olds through high school, college and Pro with adjustments for right and left hand pitchers. This ultimate training tool for baseball players of all ages

Memberships, classes, hitting leagues, tournaments, rentals and other programs are being formed NOW at Pinnacle Sports in Fairlawn/Medina. Contact Steve Wright, Pinnacle Sports Director of Baseball or Bill Goddard, Pinnacle Sports Baseball Head coach for more information or look for future announcements and details.

Take a minute to watch the video!

For more information on the ProBatter PX2 Sports Baseball Simulator visit their website here.

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