What is the Sports Performance program?

This is the flagship program for our youth athletes and clients.  Here, the program is truly focused at improving the health and fitness of the young athletes in order to allow them to perform at their best on the court, field, or even in the pool.  This is an all encompassing program that focusing on long term athletic development.  Each individual follows their own version of the strength training program and participates in a group training environment.

What type of training is covered in this program?

During each session, we cover a lot of ground.  Each athlete participates in the following:

  • Mobility and Dynamic Warm-Up

  • Speed Training - This includes learning proper speed mechanics and deceleration techniques in linear, lateral, reactive, and multi-planar drills

  • Jump Training - Here athletes will learn proper learning mechanics first and foremost.  Once a good foundation of movement skill has been set, we'll move into increasing athletic jump ability.

  • Strength & Conditioning Training - Each athlete will have their own program based on how they performed within their initial evaluation and their sport season(s) demands.

How do I get my child started in this program?.

Reach out to Coach Ryan using the form below to learn about the program offerings and cost.  He can also field various questions at this time.  Once you've had contact with Coach Ryan the first thing that needs to happen is to schedule a 1-on-1 initial evaluation.  This evaluation will help to identify what each person is (or is not) good at doing within their fitness and athletic ability.  Coach Ryan can see where an individual may have mobility restrictions, strengths and weaknesses, as well as testing speed, agility, and conditioning.

What's the schedule?

  • Heartbeats
  • Cleveland Internationals
  • Cleveland Basketball School
  • American Camp Association
  • Silver Sneakers
  • WCTA
  • i9 Sports
  • Us Indoor Association
  • Wadsworth Fencing Club
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