At Pinnacle Sports we offer soccer classes and training programs for every age and skill level at various levels of competition. We have soccer classes at both our Fairlawn/Medina and Twinsburg Facilities.

All soccer classes at Pinnacle Sports are coached by experienced ex-professional players, qualified and licensed coaches or current and ex-players. Most importantly, all of our coaches are good role models helping us Develop Athletes for Life.

Class Descriptions:

  • Spring Wee Sports
    The Wee Sports classes are designed for children aged 2-5 years old and is ideal for children that have never played sports or love all different kinds. Each class in the session will be packed full of themed games games which are fun and exciting at the same time introducing and basic large and small motor skills and development...
  • Spring Weekend Game Play Package
    New for Winter 2016-17 Following on from our house teams that were offered last winter we are introduction our new “WEEKEND GAME PLAY PACKAGE”! This package is available for those who take one of our instructional classes but is also available for players that only want to play games on the weekend. This program differs slightly from last...
  • Spring Little Tots Soccer
    Our Little Tots Soccer Class is designed for children aged 3-4 years old. This class is ideal for children that have never played soccer or those that are looking to continue their early stage development. Each class in the session will be packed full of themed games which are fun and exciting at the same time introducing and...
  • Spring Pre-Season Soccer
    Our Pre-Season Soccer training program will teach young players basic soccer skills and game rules in a fun environment. Each session of our Pre-Season soccer training will consist of fundamental skill development and an introduction into game play. Skills development will include dribbling techniques and how to use different surfaces of the feet in order to control the...
  • Spring Dribble Pass Score (6-8)
    Dribble, Pass, Score Soccer Program is Pinnacle Sports flagship program. Players can choose to have one hour of skills training on the weekday evening of their choice and the come in on the weekend for games (Fairlawn/Medina only) or just do weeknight training or just the games. During the training sessions players will work on various fundamental skills...
  • Spring Soccer Complete Player Training
    This Soccer Complete Player Training program is designed to provide four crucial soccer training aspects; speed, agility & fitness training, technical & tactical training and game play. Players will be introduced to speed & agility training through agility ladder drills, cutting and turning mechanics and speed training. These drills will give each player a foundation to develop their fitness,quick-footedness...
  • Spring Goalkeeper Training
    New for the Winter 2016/17 is the introduction of our Goalkeeper Training Program. This program is perfect for new goalkeepers or goalkeepers that want to fine tune the fundamental goalkeeping skills. During this 6 week program players will work on many skills and techniques required to be a solid goalkeeper. This skills will include; diving techniques, stance, footwork,...
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