Our Softball Advanced Hitting program will help the player set their swing in concrete as they focus on the proper mechanics to help develop power. In addition, the athletes will be challenged to adjust their swing to attack any pitch thrown. With the use of the “Hack Attack” pitching machine, players will work on hitting a variety of “junk” pitches: change-up, curve drop, screw and rise balls.

Athletes will also work in the weight room with Pinnacle Performance trainers for 30 minutes each week. This training will strengthen their muscles and build a quicker, more powerful swing. The program is available without weight room access.

Players must have take Building the Perfect Swing Program or be recommended by the Softball Director.

Spring Training Softball Advanced Hitting Session

February 21st – April 4th, 2017

Fairlawn/Medina Facility
(7 week sessions)

8:00pm – 9:00pm

Cost: $160
MVP Cost: $140


Twinsburg Facility

This program is currently not available at the Twinsburg location.


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If you have any questions or require any further info please email softball@pinnaclesports.org


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