Winter 2 Softball Classes

Pinnacle Sports Softball instructional curriculum and teaching philosophy is based on over 25 years of experience in softball player development. We are constantly upgrading our teaching to the most current drills and techniques in bio-mechanics, sports psychology, visual skills, and strength and conditioning.

From our Building the Perfect Swing to our Elite Hitting and our Varsity Preparatory classes, our softball programs at Pinnacle Sports offers a class to fit every skill level.



“We have been fortunate to have worked with Glenn McCoy for the past 7 years. He has helped maximize both my daughter Paige’s and my knowledge and mental aspect of hitting. There are multiple times people have commented on how impressed they are with Paige’s approach at the plate. That all stems to what kind of coach Glenn is and what he is teaching. I also had the pleasure to have Glenn run clinics for teams I have coached. Our team and coaches greatly benefited from the knowledge and experience he has with the game of softball.” Coach Troy Collins – Head Coach, Ohio Wolfpack 14U


“My daughter has been taking pitching lessons from Coach Glenn for about a year now.  She came to him in the off-season as an eager 7-year-old with no pitching experience and Glenn transformed her into one of the top pitchers in her league last season.  Glenn has a wealth of softball knowledge and experience, but more importantly, has the ability to pass on that knowledge to girls of all ages.  He’s great at teaching the skills and techniques necessary to improve as a pitcher, but also spends time with his students building confidence and mental toughness while teaching life lessons.  It’s clear that he also cares about his students” Jon Gardner – Revere Softball


“Both our daughters have been in Coach McCoy’s hitting classes for over 6 years”. “He is a expert when is comes to coaching softball, the way he teaches and communicates the skills of hitting to his athletes is so positive, respectful and effective”.  “We have been very impressed as he is able correct their mechanics after only seeing one or two swings!” R and C. Aquino Medina, Ohio


Class Descriptions:

  • Winter 2 Wee Sports
    The Wee Sports classes are designed for children aged 2-5 years old and is ideal for children that have never played sports or love all different kinds. Each class in the session will be packed full of themed games games which are fun and exciting at...
  • Winter 2 Varsity Skills Class
    New for 2016-17 this Defensive class is designed around 14 weeks of intense and high energy training similar to a college practice. This class is designed to help prepare the serious player for their upcoming high school softball season. This high level program is designed...
  • Winter 2 Softball Pitching Skills
    An inexpensive and great way to develop the skills that make great fastpitch softball pitchers; this 60 minute class allows your player the chance to learn from one of the finest softball coaches in the area along with the chance to practice in the dead...
  • Winter 2 Intro to Girls Got Game
    Our Intro to Girls Got Game program is an introductory class for ages 5-7 that will focus on learning more about baseball & softball fundamentals. Each class players will learn proper fielding, catching & hitting techniques along with base running and base recognition. This class...
  • Winter 2 Girls Got Game (ages 7-10)
    Our professional instructors put the players through multiple throwing drills, glove work drills and game situations. From year to year a player may have to play different positions on the field. This class helps the player understand different positions and develop those skills needed to...
  • Winter 2 Girls Got Game (ages 11-14)
    Our professional instructors put the players through multiple throwing drills, glove work drills and game situations. From year to year a player may have to play different positions on the field. This class helps the player understand different positions and develop those skills needed to...
  • Winter 2 Building the Perfect Swing
    Our Building the Perfect Swing program will focus on all of the basics that make a great hitter. Learn and work on the fundamental parts of the swing. This program is designed for the beginner hitter. Winter 2 Building the Perfect Swing Session January 3rd –...
  • Winter 2 Softball Intermediate Hitting
    The next step after Build the Perfect Swing is Intermediate Hitting. This class will help the player continue their journey to becoming a great hitter. Focus will be placed on properly hitting he inside, outside, high and low pitches while continuing the proper basics of...
  • Winter 2 Softball Advanced Hitting
    “Good pitching beats good hitting”. This saying has been around for years. With the Advanced Hitting program athletes will focus on hitting the “junk”, off-speed pitches, screwballs and curves. Along with learning situational hitting and going with the pitch to all fields. Athletes will be...
  • Winter 2 Elite Hitting
    I have heard it a million times, “she hits off the pitching machine but struggles when it comes to live pitching”. Pinnacle Elite Hitting is designed for the player that strives to be the best. During this 7 week session each class will be dedicated...
  • Winter 2 Triple Threat Slap Hitting
    Our Softball Triple Threat Slap Hitting program is designed to develop a solid foundation for the slap hitter. In addition, it will help the slapper become more aware of all aspects of the games, including how to read a defense and understanding the short game. Athletes...
  • Winter 2 Beginning Pitching
    Our Beginning Pitching program will focus on all aspects of pitching: grip, mechanics, motion, spin, accuracy, speed, fielding the position & the mental approaches. Its recommended that pitchers bring a catcher to class. Winter 2 Softball Beginning Pitching Session: January 4th – February 21st, 2016...
  • Winter 2 Intermediate/Advanced Pitching
    Our Softball Intermediate/Advanced Pitching program will continue to build on skills that each individual athlete possesses, while continuing to tweak her pitching motion speed, accuracy and maintaining the highest level of proficiency. Each pitcher will work on hitting inside and outside targets, developing new pitches and...
  • Winter 2 Beginning Catching
    Our Softball Beginning Catching program will focus on all aspects of catching: receiving, blocking, throwing, along with the “secrets” that make a difference in the game.  Must have catchers equipment. Winter 2 Softball Beginning Catching Session: January 7th – February 18th, 2017 Fairlawn/Medina Facility (7...
  • Winter 2 Intermediate/Advanced Catching
    Our Softball Intermediate/Advanced Catching program will focus on perfecting basic catching techniques alone with learning proper footwork, fielding bunts & pop ups, calling a game and the mental aspects of catching.  Must have catchers equipment.   Winter 2 Softball Intermediate/Advanced Catching Session: January 7th –...

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