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With over 20 years of excellence and continuous enhancements, Pinnacle Sports is your ultimate destination for diverse sports and surfaces. Pinnacle Sports is a premier 125,000+ square-foot indoor athletic facility nestled on 30 acres in Medina, Ohio – conveniently located right off of 77 on Route 18. Explore our expansive space, featuring 4 full-size volleyball courts, 2 boarded soccer fields, a large outdoor soccer field, an indoor soccer/baseball/softball field, smaller practice areas, and 6+ batting cages (including a private lane “Pro-Batter” room). Contact us at or call 330-239-0616 to discover the perfect space for your event or practice needs. We eagerly anticipate your arrival to experience the pinnacle of sports and recreation.

Locker Room Facilities

Our soccer arena contains a men's locker room with 3 showers and a large changing area.


Free Wi-Fi

We have great Wi-Fi throughout the building. Please inquire for at the front desk for the network name and password and our staff will gladly assist you!


Convenient parking for up to 250 cars

With so many activities in the building, we need a lot of parking, and we've got it covered!


10+ restrooms

There is a plethora of restrooms throughout the building.


Meeting Rooms

Need a space to meet with your team before or after a practice? There are a variety of spaces that can provide space for 100+ attendees. We have many tables and chairs to suit your needs.


Vending Machines

We have Coca Cola Vending machines throughout the building, both with pop and water/sports drinks.


Full-Service Gym on Site

Operated by GT Sports Performance, we have a strength and conditioning space in the heart of our facility.


Akron Children’s Hospital Sports Rehab

Akron Children's expert team provides specialized rehabilitation services, tailored training programs, and comprehensive care to ensure children and adolescents recover from injuries and achieve their full athletic potential

Batting Cages

Enjoy up to 6 batting cages at our facility, including a private ‘pro batter’ room and a dedicated pitching/catching lane on the upper mezzanine. We recommend booking in advance, but same-day bookings are welcome based on availability. In the ‘pro batter’ room, choose between baseball and softball pitching machines for an enhanced practice experience.
  • Dimensions: 12’x55’x12′
  • Surface: Carpet or Sport-Court Floor
  • Sports Supported: baseball, softball
  • Square Footage:
  • Price: $35/hour
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Boarded Fields

Experience the game on our 2 boarded soccer fields featuring boards and plexiglass along with a spectator deck in the middle of the two fields for optimal viewing. Each field has a carpeted turf surface, home and away benches, and 2 scoreboards per field. Enjoy an immersive experience with a dynamic setting for both players and spectators. One of the two boarded fields boasts a hard sport-court under the turf which can be used for basketball and roller-hockey seasonally.
  • Dimensions: 180’x80′
  • Surface: Carpeted Turf
  • Sports Supported: soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby, basketball, field games, and more!
  • Square Footage: 14,400/field
  • Price: Please Inquire
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Outdoor Field

Discover excellence on our Outdoor Turf Field, fully re-turfed in August 2023, establishing itself as one of Northeast Ohio’s premier large turf fields. Versatility is key, with markings for two full 9v9 soccer fields, an 11v11 field, and three 7v7 fields. Whether you need the entire field or just a half, our top-notch surface is ready to elevate your sports experience.
  • Dimensions: 369’x372′
  • Surface: Astroturf
  • Sports Supported: soccer, football, softball, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby
  • Square Footage: 137,000
  • Price: Please Inquire
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Indoor Astroturf Field

Step onto our Indoor Astroturf Field, recently re-turfed in October 2022, providing a pristine sports surface. Versatility is at its core with markings for softball, baseball, and soccer. Surrounded by netting, the field is a hub for practices and league games for a wide variety of sports. Elevate your spectator experience in our mezzanine area, offering a view of the action.
  • Dimensions: 150’x150′
  • Surface: Astroturf
  • Sports Supported: soccer, football, softball, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby
  • Square Footage: 22,500
  • Price: Please Inquire
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Volleyball Courts

Dive into the excitement on our Volleyball Courts, strategically positioned for an engaging sports experience. One court is nestled between our boarded fields, while three others are conveniently located near the Indoor Astroturf Field. Each court boasts standard inbounds of 60’x30′, providing ample space between and around them for comfortable play. Experience the game at its best on recently updated courts featuring brand-new nets and poles, added in 2023.
  • Dimensions:
  • Surface: Sport Court Tiles
  • Sports Supported: volleyball, futsal, badminton, and more!
  • Square Footage: 11,000
  • Price: Please Inquire
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Upstairs Turf

Discover the versatility of our Upstairs Turf Area, an ideal practice space catering to smaller sessions and younger groups. This cozy yet dynamic area features a carpet turf floor, creating a comfortable setting for various activities. One fully padded wall with thick foam provides an excellent spot for baseball pitching practice. With netting on both sides, the space ensures a secure environment for focused training. For spectators, round tables and chairs offer a cozy viewing area, allowing them to catch all the action. While smaller in size compared to our other facilities, this space might be the perfect fit for your specific needs, providing a tailored experience for effective and enjoyable practices.
  • Dimensions: 45’x48′
  • Surface: Carpeted Turf
  • Sports Supported: baseball, softball, soccer and more!
  • Square Footage: 2,160
  • Price: Please Inquire
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Party Room

Make birthdays unforgettable in our Birthday Party Room! Included with party rentals, this vibrant space is adorned with festive paint to set the celebration mood. Equipped with up to 30 chairs and a mix of round and long tables, it’s perfect for storing treats and presents. Enjoy a view of the courts and fields below, adding an extra layer of excitement to your party experience.
  • Dimensions: 17’x29′
  • Surface:
  • Sports Supported:
  • Square Footage: 453
  • Price: Included with Birthday Party
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