Softball League at Pinnacle Sports

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Softball League Details

Gear up for an exciting winter on the diamond with our Softball League at Pinnacle Sports! Our High School league, from November to January, offers a dynamic 12-game season with JV and Varsity divisions. New for 2024, experience the thrill of playoffs and championships to cap off an unforgettable season. Each team enjoys at least 1 hour in our warm-up batting cage before games.

For our younger players, the 10U, 12U, and 14U leagues run from November to April in two sessions, taking place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This extended schedule ensures ample opportunities for increased reps, friendly competition, and skill enhancement during the winter months.

Join us as we celebrate the love of softball in a vibrant and competitive atmosphere. Let’s make this season a home run for players of all ages!

League Rules and Policies

Game Start:

  • Coin flip at the beginning of each game determines the pick of home or away.

Gameplay Rules:

  • 6-run maximum per inning.
  • No mercy rule; play continues until time is up.
  • Batting the entire roster is allowed with free defensive substitutions.
  • Substitutions must be reported to the opposing team if not batting the entire roster.

Ceiling Hits:

  • Two ceiling hits allowed; the third is an out (changed from the previous rule).

Fielding Rules:

  • Outfielders can throw out a runner at first base.
  • High School rules, including passed balls and stealing home, apply.

Courtesy Runners:

  • Courtesy runners allowed for the pitcher and catcher, who can be a sub on the bench or the last batted out.

Game Results:

  • Games can end in a tie.

More Softball Info

Spectator Areas:

  • Parents, family, and friends watch from the upstairs balcony only.
  • Coaches and rostered players are allowed downstairs for warm-ups and on the field/dugout.

Umpire Fees:

  • $25 per team payable directly to the umpire before each game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be made in writing (by mail, fax, email) and received by Pinnacle Sports prior to the starting date of the event scheduled. There will be no refunds given after the start of the event except for uncontrollable circumstances. These may include but are not limited to: injury, extended illness, life-altering events, etc. These will not include but are not limited to: schedule conflicts, lack of participation, the decision not to come to the event, acts of God, etc. In the case of an authorized refund, a credit toward future Pinnacle Sports programs may be issued with no processing fee. Otherwise, a $25 processing fee will be charged to ALL refund requests. No refunds will be given for fees of $25 or less. A full refund will be given for all programs or events canceled by Pinnacle Sports (no written request is required) EXCEPT for acts of GOD. All refunds either by check or credit card will be processed within four weeks of the request. All returned checks and declined credit cards will be subject to a $25 handling charge.