Youth Soccer League at Pinnacle Sports

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Important League Details

Welcome to Pinnacle’s Youth Soccer Leagues – where the passion for the game meets the thrill of competition! With over 20 years of experience, Pinnacle has been a cornerstone in fostering youth soccer development. Our leagues provide a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills, learn sportsmanship, and create lasting memories on the field.

Winter I and Winter II Sessions: Our leagues run during the winter months, offering two exciting sessions. The Winter I session spans from early November through late December or early January, while the Winter II session runs from early January through late March or early April. Each session guarantees 8-12 games, providing a robust and engaging soccer experience for all participants.

Team Placement and Age Groups: Understanding the diverse skill levels within age groups, Pinnacle allows teams to request placement in a division up or down during the coaches meeting. Your team’s strength, as interpreted by you, will guide this decision-making process. We believe in providing balanced, meaningful, and fun games, and if there’s a consensus that playing up or down an age group would be beneficial, we’re open to considering it.

Game Dynamics: For U9 through High School age groups, each game spans 52 minutes without a halftime break. The focus is on continuous action and an immersive playing experience.

Boys and Girls Divisions: Our leagues cater to both boys and girls, spanning from ages U9 through high school. Following the new USSF age groupings, our divisions ensure a fair and competitive environment for players at every stage of their soccer journey. We’ve also introduced a dedicated group for U15 players, recognizing the specific needs of this age group.

League Rules and Policies

League Format and General Rules: Unlocking the Excitement of Fair Play

At Pinnacle’s Youth Soccer Leagues, we believe in the power of clear rules and vibrant competition to elevate the soccer experience. Here’s a glimpse into our league format and general rules:

Coaches Meeting: Prior to each league session, we host a coaches meeting where we delve into the rules and discuss division/groupings to ensure the best possible parity. This proactive approach allows us to fine-tune the league dynamics, fostering an environment where every team has an equal chance to shine.

Max Roster Sizes: To maintain a balance between competition and participation, we’ve set maximum roster sizes. U9-U12 teams can have up to 14 players, while U13-High School teams can expand their roster to accommodate 18 players. This ensures that every player gets ample playing time and contributes to the team’s success.

Game Formats:

  • U9-U12 teams engage in 7v7 matches, fostering teamwork and individual skill development.
  • U13-High School teams play in a 6v6 format, emphasizing strategic gameplay and dynamic interactions on the field.

Player Registration & Waivers: In the spirit of efficiency and accessibility, coaches and team managers are required to use our user-friendly online system to invite players to join their team. This streamlined process ensures a smooth registration experience for both participants and organizers.

At Pinnacle, our commitment to fairness, engagement, and the love of the game shines through in every aspect of our league format and rules. Join us in creating a soccer community where competition is spirited, rules are transparent, and the thrill of the game unites players, coaches, and fans alike. Let the countdown to an exhilarating season begin!

More Youth League Details

Flexible Scheduling: All games are scheduled on weekends, either on Saturdays or Sundays, ensuring accessibility for players and families. We recognize the importance of balancing commitments and prioritize creating a convenient and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

There is no set time block for any age group. Any conflicts or schedule requests that you have need to be submitted using the Schedule Request and emailed to in writing prior to the registration deadline. We do our best to accommodate all requests but we cannot guarantee any. In previous seasons we have been able to accommodate the majority of requests.

At Pinnacle, we are committed to creating a soccer experience that goes beyond the game itself. Join us in fostering a love for soccer, building camaraderie, and enjoying the spirit of competition. Register now and be part of a season filled with excitement, growth, and memorable moments!

These leagues fill quickly, don’t miss out, register your team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be made in writing (by mail, fax, email) and received by Pinnacle Sports prior to the starting date of the event scheduled. There will be no refunds given after the start of the event except for uncontrollable circumstances. These may include but are not limited to: injury, extended illness, life-altering events, etc. These will not include but are not limited to: schedule conflicts, lack of participation, the decision not to come to the event, acts of God, etc. In the case of an authorized refund, a credit toward future Pinnacle Sports programs may be issued with no processing fee. Otherwise, a $25 processing fee will be charged to ALL refund requests. No refunds will be given for fees of $25 or less. A full refund will be given for all programs or events canceled by Pinnacle Sports (no written request is required) EXCEPT for acts of GOD. All refunds either by check or credit card will be processed within four weeks of the request. All returned checks and declined credit cards will be subject to a $25 handling charge.

How do I join a team for the youth league?

We currently only accept full team registrations at the youth level for our U9-High School offering. Please reach out to with any questions.


Akron Children’s Hospital is a proud sponsor of all our youth soccer leagues at Pinnacle Sports. Akron Children’s is renowned for its exceptional pediatric care and is equipped with a state-of-the-art sports medicine and physical therapy suite situated within the Pinnacle’s Complex. We’re thrilled to partner with such a fantastic institution!